Jan 11

Worlds At War selling limited Edition D&D Minis!

WaWFor those of us based in Scotland we are used to sadly having to miss out on the special edition things that usually are easily accessible across other parts of the world. Normally I wouldn’t be surprised to discover the nearest store selling the lovely looking Gale Force 9 Limited edition miniatures was in Dover.

But not this time! This time Worlds at War is selling them! Considering they are limited to either 1500 or 1000 items worldwide, it is absolutely amazing! Quite a leap from when we last talked to Frank on our show!

Worlds at War, in Livingston will have stock of these miniatures that can only be bought if you go in store to buy them! I heartily recommended you get in touch with Frank, the owner of Worlds at War, if you are interested in getting them! Of course, if you can’t get to Livingston, you can still try to preorder them on the Gale Force 9 Website. It looks like, according to the Gale Force 9 website, the next nearest store selling these exclusive miniatures is Sheffield, to give you an idea how far you would have to travel to get your hands on them.

The first sets of miniatures (The Drow War Party and Illthid raiding party) will be available at he end of January with different models being released as the year goes on.

It is exciting news to see a store involved in this promotion and looking forward to more stores having exclusive items in the future!

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