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Words for Evil – Review

Words for Evil is a fast-paced word game that combines our favorite genre RPG with a classic word game in amazing bit graphics. The game, developed by Dylon Loney, is available on Steam for PC and Mac as well as iPad. For this review, we’ve looked at the PC version of the game.

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As mentioned before, the visuals of the game are amazing pixel art graphics. The sceneries often change from beautiful green landscapes to the icy scenes of winter and others, providing a good variation of colors and sceneries to discover.


The ambiance sound is dependent on the region or realm you find yourself in. The green realm for example will have some very distinct, African drums combined with distinct sounds of wild animals. Another realm will have sounds of fiery winds and songs of birds or crickets. All-in-all, the soundtrack feels designed to calm the player during this fast-paced yet laid-back word puzzle.


Words for Evil is a typical word game where you are given a grid of letters, from which you can form an English word. However, the genre is combined with our favorite genre, namely RPG, in many forms such as heroes, classes, statistics, abilities, fights and even traps. There are 19 heroes to unlock, which you can all level up. As you progress, you will ‘find’ new heroes who will join you on your quest – which will ultimately unlock said hero.

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You will start the game with one hero, who will venture through the magnificent world. During his or her venture, the player will come across new heroes, monsters and even shops. These monsters can be killed by creating words from the grid presented to you. Longer words will do more damage, which will be needed since the monsters will strike as well. You will also need to make sure that you make words of colored tiles as these tiles represent one of the classes in your party. You cannot randomly form words with any of the tiles however as the tiles need to become linked, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Your hero can be killed so being fast is needed. Once you’ve done enough damage to the monster, your hero will gain experience as well as gold. If your party has more than one hero, all heroes will gain experience.

There are several shops you will encounter throughout your journey. The one you’ll be finding more often is the potion shop, which sells health potions as well as other helpful potions such as damage potions. Some potions have a longer effect and will last for a few battles, others can only be used once. The blacksmith is another shop you’ll find often. He has three kinds of equipment in his store which you can buy for your heroes. Buying an item requires you to immediately choose a hero who will be using the armor or weapon you’ve just bought. Occasionally, you’ll find a medicine man who will heal you for a small fee. While this is useful to make sure your party doesn’t die in the next fight, it is fairly annoying to buy a heal only to find a healing fountain a second later.

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Once in a while, you’ll also face traps. These are small puzzle games which requires you to make as many words as possible with the letters you have. The difficulty comes when you’ll notice that you can use a letter-tile only once. Getting rid of all tiles will allow your characters to pass safely. The more tiles that remain, the more damage the trap will do to your party. A second small mini-game within the game are the loot chests. Here, you have two rows of tiles and you can only use one letter per column to form a word of five letters. Some words are easier to find than others and the difficulty of the English words used in the game is truly noticeable during these mini games. The loot chest can provide you with gold, armor and even heals. A third and last mini game is one you will hopefully not come across often as it is a matter of life and death. Once you’re character is facing death, you will play mini game where you have to solve a letter anagram of seven letters. Finding one of six letters will gain you half health. Your character is doomed if you cannot find it.

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The gameplay is quite lengthy to describe and I haven’t even mentioned every little detail but it does not feel so lengthy in the game itself. The gameplay is truly simple and easy to learn and it does not have a real learning curve to it, except for the part where certain words can be difficult to come up with as a non-native English speaker. Words for Evil is a fairly short game as it can be completed in one sitting, taking only a few hours – however this also depends on how good your English is.


Words for Evil combines the fun aspect of word puzzle games with core features of RPG games and it does so quite brilliantly with great pixel art visuals and a clean UI to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gameplay. If you are a fan of both word puzzle games and the RPG genre, Words for Evil is certainly a game you should look into.

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