Jan 14

What is happening?!

I did feel like doing this sometimes...

if you were recently trying to surf our website you might have had trouble! This is because we were doing some modifications to the website! Now instead of cronvek.com/nearlyenoughdice being the proper URL – it is instead nearlyenoughdice.com! If you find any problems with any of our content or our RSS feeds – then PLEASE give us a shout!

The short version is simply – now it doesn’t matter what you type – but the real URL for everything (including RSS Feeds) is nearlyenoughdice.com and apologises for the inconvenience! If you are interested in more detail as to how we did it and why we had to do it…

Well you see we have a server space that was originally registered under cronvek.com – we got a new domain and all was swell and spiffy but at the time we had to just “park” our new domaina and make the website – so it ended up in a directory in our website so became cronvek.com/nearlyenoughdice and we just made nearlyenoughdice.com redirect to there.

But time has gone on and it was really time to sort it out – so we change around the domain so it has its own space – and redirect EVERYTHING from cronvek.com/nearlyenoughdice to nearlyenoughdice.com… this however caused some confusion. In the end a bit of technical know-how (and a LOT of googling) got us to realise we needed to modify our .htaccess file! For those who are EVER in the same situation this is the line we ended up putting in:

Redirect 301 /nearlyenoughdice/ http://www.nearlyenoughdice.com/

Because we haven’t change anything else in the structure of the blog, apart from the original domain – it all just works! Lucky us! This post is actually, secretly, a bit of a test to make sure the RSS feeds are now working correctly but don’t tell anyone else that… our secret us folks who look under the cut right?

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