May 19

Using Samurai Drama Screenshots for L5R

I’m a big fan of samurai dramas – not too surprising for someone who likes playing Legend of the Five Rings.  I often watch them and think “Hey, that guy is totally a Bayushi Bushi” or somesuch.  So I’ve often thought I could screenshot some dramas as a visual aid for L5R games.

Now, obviously, I could just grab anything with samurai in it and go “Look! Reference!”, but I’m more interested in those areas that are unique to Rokugan.

This first batch is from the 2014 TV Asahi two-part special ‘Miyamoto Musashi’, staring Kimura Takuya as the titular hero.  So far I’ve done the first episode, and a little of the second.

I’ve compiled an imgur album, which you may wish to peruse, but I shall go into some more details for a select few here.

Screenshot from the 2014 TV Asahi special 'Miyamoto Musashi'.  A samurai in black armour holds his sword towards the viewer.  He doesn't have a helmet, but is wearing a 'mempo' facemask.  His long hair flows free.

Bayushi Bushi

The Scorpion have more of a reputation for double-dealing and blackmail than they do for fighting, but you should never discount their Bushi.

Conversion notes: The Scorpion Clan colours are black and crimson, so some red detailing on his armour would be nice.  The lacings perhaps, or his obi.


Screenshot from the 2014 TV Asahi special 'Miyamoto Musashi'. A samurai in civilian clothes walks the streets of feudal Japan.  He is dressed in a delicately coloured kimono, and his hair is loose and flowing. Although he isn't dressed in typical

Scorpion or Crane Bushi

Both the Scorpion and the Crane have a reputation for samurai who are “pretty” rather than the stereotypical “manly” warrior.  However, don’t be fooled – these apparent fragile flowers can be deadly duellists.  This one in particular exemplifies the concept of Dangerous Beauty. (In the actual TV show, he’s the head of a sword school, and a deadly fighter)

Conversion Notes: If he’s a Scorpion (and he really, really looks like a Scorpion), he should have a mask, which seems like it would get in the way of his Dangerous Beauty, so presumably something subtle.  As a Crane, he works fine as-is, although I should probably make a version with white hair, as that’s something the Crane do.

Screenshot from the 2014 TV Asahi special 'Miyamoto Musashi'.  A samurai in civilian clothes, with a gaudy gold-embroidered kataginu (sleeveless jacket).

Yoritomo or Yasuki samurai

Both the Yoritomo and the Yasuki have a reputation for being more interested in money and the finer things in life than a “true” samurai should.  And so they are more likely to wear the gaudy clothing pictured here.

Conversion Notes: None, really.  Clan colours, perhaps, but then I suspect most people don’t wear Clan colours all the time.

Screenshot from the 2014 TV Asahi special 'Miyamoto Musashi'. A shot of Kimura Takuya as the famous samurai Miyamoto Musashi, demonstrating the Ni-Ten (two sword) style for which he was famed.


“Amaterasu gave me two hands to serve my lord. Am I so proud that I will only use one?”  The show this is taken from is about Miyamoto Musashi, reputedly the best swordsman in Japanese history, and creator of the two-sword fighting style.  As Musashi is the inspiration for Mirumoto and the Niten style, this one’s a no-brainer 🙂

Conversion notes: None, really.

Right, that’s enough for one go!  I put more in the Imgur album, so there’s plenty for you to look through if you like what you’ve seen so far.  Hopefully I’ll get enough motivation / energy to do more soon…

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