Apr 16

@tw33t_rpg: Rough Riffs!


The new Tweet RPG adventure has been announced and wooo it sounds amazing!

Time to turn things up to eleven – this girl can shred!


Rough Riffs: Aggressive Auditions is the next adventure from Tweet RPG, and the start of a new series. You play as Jessie St Ernestine, a young and talented electric guitarist who can offer up a serious beat down as well as a face-melting solo!

Jessie is on a mission to recruit the best musicians she can find into a super group of epic proportions. Only then will she be able to free her father (and guitar mentor) from the clutches of evil record company executive Rory Ignatius Perry, owner of RIP Records. This Tweet RPG adventure is inspired by the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley, so expect some post-modern comedic action, and lots of geeky fun as well!

How do you get involved in this awesome RPG adventure? All you need is a Twitter account and an imagination! Follow @tw33t_rpg on Twitter, where you’ll receive daily story updates with options for how the narrative could continue. Everyone playing gets to vote on the direction the story should take, and the choice with the most votes takes things forward. There are opportunities for individual players to take control, and stat tests and combat to add some risk. With Tweet RPG, you get a fun, free, follower-defined RPG experience on one of the most popular social networks on the net!

If that’s not enough to get you excited, I’m thrilled to announce that Rough Riffs: Aggressive Auditions will be sponsored by Rock Science, the definitive rock and metal trivia board game from Nuday AB! Look out for the ‘Rock Science Powerup’ whilst playing Rough Riffs: Aggressive Auditions – if your knowledge of rock music is up to the challenge, you’ll be able to unlock some very useful abilities.

You’ll get to tune up, plug in, and rock out when Rough Riffs: Aggressive Auditions begins on Monday 22nd April! For more info on Tweet RPG, visit http://tweetrpg.co.uk, and follow on Twitter at http://twitter.com/tw33t_rpg

You better go and get involved!

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