Nov 04

These are the moments we live for…

It’s the moments that players and GMs live for, when a player transcends their current plane of existence and becomes their character, feeling every single emotion, reacting instinctively and becoming – in my case- a very scared young elven woman.

Our lovely host LIz recounted the ordeal the summoner went through in her ‘geeky week’ section however if you missed it here it is. The party, excluding my summoner had become possessed by a haunt. A haunt that desired the death and consumption of the flesh of any character unpossessed. After a flamestrike and a few slashes of a sword, the party fell upon my corpse and began to feast.

After the blood had been cleaned up the full horror of what had happened struck them. After some vomiting I was resurrected, and Seonaid didn’t exist anymore.

The summoner looked through my eyes at the ashen faces of the party and made to leave, unable to comprehend what had happened that day. However, our cleric begged me to stay. The summoner was conflicted – horrified and deathly afraid of people she thought she could trust and had traveled with for months. However, she had also felt the tug of possession at her soul but had been able to resist it. She knew their actions were not their own, and refused the paladin’s offer of sacrifice. The paladin had proven to be noble and good hearted – she could not condemn them for a possession that so easily could have had her under it’s spell. After a long discussion persuading me to stay to help lay these spirits to rest, to stop anyone experiencing that situation again, the charged atmosphere at the table dropped.

The paladin, the cleric and the summoner returned to their earthly players, running high on adrenaline. These are the moments that make roleplaying worthwhile, and I’ll happily continue to roll dice at that table. Why would you sleep in on a Sunday morning, when you could be anything in the world?

The escapism of these moments is what makes roleplaying a much treasured past time for me. Sometimes you need to be able to shed your skin and put on a new one, with new ideas, a new perspective. Sometimes, the real world sucks. To be someone else, even for just 4 hours a week is such a precious commodity. Sleeping in is nice, but for me, I’ll be over here summoning a small army. See you round the table.

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  1. Jesse

    A completely agree – I’ve been lucky enough to have a group of players that are more than willing to put themselves out there on the line, reaching down and exposing their character’s inner feelings. I’ve had characters yelling at each other, others crying in fear or sadness, and some absolutely giddy with excitement. And the best thing is that the players at those intense moments ARE the characters: Able to not just express the emotions of their character verbally, but you can see it on their face and in their bodies.

    To many of them, there is no separation between them and their character – For those 4 hours, they aren’t Al, Gabby, Kelli, Besse and Dave sitting around a table and staring at a board with a bunch of miniatures on it. For those 4 hours, they are Harman, Shai, Falltu, Rusk/Marian (long story), and Kal.

    And the best thing about that is the fact that you, as the GM, can occasionally just sit back and watch the show that unfolds in front of you, and know that you made that possible.

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