Jan 03

The Year of Shadowrun

While the real world appears to have been spared the Mayan apocalypse (21/12/12) the date marks a significant time point in the Shadowrun universe, marking the beginning of the ‘Sixth World’ setting in which the game is set. To coincide with it Catalyst Game Labs, the current publisher of the game, announced their Year of Shadowrun and a series of brand new products to mark the year (in addition to the previously announced Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun Online videogames). Full details can be found on the Catalyst website but amongst the list are:

Shadowrun: Crossfire – A co-operative deck building game where players take on the role of shadowrunners embarking on a job.
Shadowrun: Sprawl Gangers – A 2 player skirmish miniatures games, with rival gangs fighting it out to secure turfs and reputations (Sounds like it could be quite similar to the old Necromunda game).
Shadowrun: Hostile Takeover, a Euro-style board game of shifting allegiances and shady dealings.

Perhaps the biggest announcement however is that of Shadowrun 5th edition will be launching in Summer 2013, building upon the rules set of 4th edition while shifting the timeline slightly further forward. Promised changes to the new edition include faster character creation, deadlier combat and streamlined matrix rules.

All in all it sounds like it should be quite a year for the Sixth World.

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