May 24

The Noteboard: Review and Competition!


The one thing that helps games that need miniatures is having some kind of lovely gridded map with some drawings on it to help you visualise where on earth you are standing, where the bad guy is standing and more importantly, can you charge him? Now there are some great accessories to help with this. Gaming paper is one of them, giant rolls of paper that you are draw and draw on until your heart’s content. That is, assuming you use erasable pencil, or accept that eventually you will need to buy more or just leave it blank or put some terrain on it.

Of course, spending lots of money on paper might slowly be a draining resource especially if you are draining your finances which could buy more supplements. Terrain isn’t exactly portable and to be fair, neither is the large roll of paper. You can of course laminate some to reuse – but you are stuck with a unfold-able large piece of laminated paper to carry everywhere. There are laminated gridded paper you pick up – but I have found the fold cause having to use your beverages and delicious snacks  to hold it down. Then you are denied said delicious things until the map is no longer needed.

Then you get some really genius ideas, like The Noteboard. A mere 3 inches by 5 inches (6.72 by 12.7 centimetres) in size when folded up (plus about another inch or so in thickness for the depth) it is easily portable and hardly noticeable  Then when it unfolds it becomes a nice hefty 35 inches by 15 inches (88.9 centimetres by 38.1 centimetres) white board for you to get your game on! 

Being the future of technology here – it has two sides. One of which is blank, the other has grids and hexes available depending on the game you want to play. It comes with a snazzy carrying pouch and even has a pen included with has a eraser on top as well (although the bag does double up as a eraser too!).

For the GMs amongst you it is a superb mapping tool (Have a look at Shorty monster’s article for some excellent pictures of him using it!) and for players it can be superbly useful for working out mysteries in the middle of games, or just taking some quick notes. “But wait liz” you cry “when I put it away won’t the pen smudge?” well, I have been running some tests with the pen supplied and a few pens I use for work. I wrote a message in the middle of the white board, threw it in my bag and forgot about it. Upon taking it out again the message was still there, with the work pen it was a little bit smudged but perfectly readable, with the pen supplied no problems at all. With different pens your mileage may vary of course.

For the GM to plan out the map in advance then touch up on the game site, for the player taking interesting character relationship diagrams during the session or simply for those who simply want a portable whiteboard this simply could not be better. I am rather disappointed with myself for not discovering it sooner!

Of course, the sticking point could be the price and if you can get it in the UK. The website, thisisawesome.co.uk sell them here in the UK for the measly price of between £7-10 pounds depending on how many you order at once ( so it is a great idea to club together with friends and buy them all at once). Considering how much other similar products cost I think it is an absolute steal at that price! We also got a lovely photo of the glamours model they use in their photo shoots to send us a lovely message!



The Noteboard gets a full thumbs up from me – and you lucky folks who have managed to read all the way down to the end get the wondrous joy of having the option to win one! We have two Noteboards up for grabs today! All you need to do is answer this simple question:

What on earth is Tobias thinking of in the above picture? Leave a comment on this here post and we will choose two posts randomly from those who enter to get themselves a lovely Noteboard! You have until midnight on the 9th June to enter! Any entries after this time will unfortunately not be included.


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  1. shortymonster

    Being the Shorty Monster mentioned above, I think I should just pile on here too. they are fantastic bits of kit for gamers. When I last used mine, I had a dock front map on it for a Cyberpunk 2020 game, and since the situation was never resolved, i would need it the following week. All I did was fold i up and pop it back into the bag, and the following week it was still there, just as badly drawn as it was the week before. If you don’t believe me, check out the pictures that were taken over two week’s gaming..


    1. Liz

      Aha! Excellent spotting of my complete fail to include the link as well!

  2. McGonigle

    If I just remain completely still maybe the strange metal eye will ignore me.

  3. Brother Rooster

    Dice!? I could have sworn the GM said roll the mice…

  4. David 依田 Odie

    Where’s my pizza? They know I don’t roleplay until I’ve had my double anchovies…

  5. neuronalnoise@gmail.com

    “I stand guard here…over the fields of Hex and the Mice of Destiny…meow…”


  6. Dave Knight

    It’s not my fault I lost, I blame the dice!

    1. Liz

      Congratulations! A winner is you! Email us to get your delicious Noteboard!

  7. Geoff

    One day I Will look back at my life. I Will question my life, my decisions. Should I have raided that cave the night before my physics exam? Should I have bought miniatures instead of food?

    The answers Will always be yes mind!

  8. Geoff

    How in the blue hell is pebbles a level 30 mage.

  9. Ryan Barr

    “And, with my foe slain, I plunder all that the pink-eared beast has to offer me… and immediately botch the treasure role.”

  10. Thomas Welsh

    He’s staring out at the incoming blast of a 1000 megaton atomic explosion, realising he has spent all his life playing RPG’s….. LIFE WELL SPENT!

  11. Fiona Bailey

    Tobias is thinking, what the hell are you doing to me, when I could be out catching Duck !!

  12. Ben Kolls

    6d8 damage?! By an albino red-tail mouse? No way! Those do 4d6, max.

  13. Ray Burns

    What a strange message to be on the floor of a dungeon… it must be some kind of code!

  14. Adam

    First the mice then the world!

    1. Liz

      Congratulations! A winner is you! Email us to get your delicious Noteboard!

  15. Will Myers

    “Is that…is that sunlight of MICE? I’m feeling irresistibly drawn to it…right after my turn.”

  16. Christiaan

    “You can give the board away but not the mosue; it’s mine!”

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