Oct 31

The Loniest Wolf – TPK

This was one of the first images that Google search showed me… OK then!

Everybody wants to be the unique snowflake. The mysterious past that causes you to hate other people and be distant to those and sarcastic otherwise. The Lone Wolf character. These characters can be an absolute nightmare for any GM.

Thankfully, the folks over at TPK have written an article explaining why they can be an absolutely terrible idea. I also particularly LOVE the “The Loniest Wolf that Ever Did Wolf” game. I suspect I have seen this happen a few times.

Of course, at some point, we have all played the Lone Wolf character. Usually at around the “Angsty teen” age, where we desperately want to feel special, unique and all round badass. Of course, in a game of cooperation and teamwork that can really not help. There are some amazing tips in the above article on how to deal with the situation and I have to agree that communication is key. Sure, you can play that kind of character if you are so desperate, but remember that explaining what you are trying to achieve makes it far more likely you are going to achieve it!

Go have a read of their article – it is rather well written and gets to the point brilliantly.


  1. Jesse

    It’s funny, because the story I wrote last week with my player Dave leaving the priestess out to dry was a lone wolf story. And the twist? Fenris (Dave’s character) was a druid shapechanged into a wolf! Coincidence?

  2. Ai

    I think the most hilarious case of lone wolf I’ve seen was in a planescape game, where the 3rd level wannabe necromancer decided to stay in Sigil to *try and buy a house* (while the rest of us wanted to do plot things on the planes). Long story short, the player left the game in a huff as the character died very swiftly because really, Sigil is no place for lonely snotty-nosed 3rd levels.

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