Jan 14

The Game Loft Needs Your Help!

While looking through the internet I noticed this post on GeekDad at Wired.com.

In tiny Belfast, Maine, you’ll find this unique after-school program for middle and high school kids in the attic of a game shop called All About Games. Here, miracles happen. Shy kids learn how to solve problems, find friends, and fellowship. They play games, get a free meal, and have fun.

Sounds wondeful and helpful – I really wish I had something like that while I was growing up. The problem though, as the article explains, is that the centre has grown and grown on its success and now has suddenly had it funding cut back $30k and it is struggling and is looking for help from the general geek community and you can help donate in the following ways:

• Make checks payable to: Spurwink Services, 899 Riverside Street, Portland, ME 04103.  Donors are welcome to request that the funds be used for the general benefit of The Game Loft.

• Contributions can be made online through Network for Good www.networkforgood.org

• For more information about the program visit the website www.thegameloft.org

Definitely read the article and see how much the kids love the place and the adults love helping the kids. Then go help them with a donation.


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