Jan 02

The Dragon Fisters: Being Your GM’s Best Player

Something player-oriented for a change – from Dragon Fisters (that’s an … interesting name), a look at how players can help the GM make the game better:

A lot of people talk about what it means to be a good Game Master and how to make your players happy. Well, I’m going to tell you players that it’s not all about you. If your GM is not happy with the party, then he is going to make things difficult, if not downright impossible, for you. When the game breaks down to one side trying to make the other more pissed off than they are, things can quickly spiral into the fifth circle of Hell. Maybe even the Seventh. So just as a GM has certain criteria in order to make a game work smoothly, the player must reach a number of goals as well to accomplish this cohession.

As a GM, I know this is what I want from my players.  As a player… I know I have a lot to work on!  Basically, remember we’re all here to have fun, and it will all go so much better.

Read more at the Dragon Fisters site.


  1. Boose

    I became a player again after several years of GMing and realized that I had just as much to do as a player as I did as a GM, just on a much more concentrated scale. I started running down a list of things I needed to work on as a player (because I’m anal retentive like that) and figured that this was what I wanted out of my players – Most of which really didn’t have anything to do with the on-table game stuff itself.

    1. Liz

      When it comes to being a player I can see the exact things I do that would drive me mad when I am a GM and try to stop myself continually! Making a list does actually sound like a good way to keep track of these things, and certainly helps keep in mind those horrendously annoying things that, as a player, I do.

      Certainly for 2012 I will make it my goal to be a better player for my GM!

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