Jun 07

The Douchey DM: Playing The Powerless

A couple of linked articles from The Douchey DM (not my opinion of them, it’s what they’ve called themselves) on playing less-than-superhuman characters.  Instead of playing Conan hewing his way through entire armies, or a wizard blasting dragons with lightning, why would you want to play someone ordinary?

In Playing the Powerless and Why I Play The Powerless and  give their thoughts.

A few months ago on the show, we had a guest host, Sean, who used some very concise language to distinguish Call of Cthulhu from most other RPGs. Most games, he said are “Empowerment Fantasies,” while Call of Cthulhu is a “Dis-empowerment Fantasy.”

It got me thinking about the ‘why’ of dis-empowerment games. Why does someone want to play a game where they are overwhelmed? Why does someone want to portray what will inevitably be the losing side?

The articles, and the comments, are quite interesting, and perhaps a look into a style of playing that many have yet to explore.


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