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Aug 13

Putting it all together: My gaming kit

As you’ve probably realised we here at Nearly Enough Dice love our gaming accessories and a number of the products we’ve reviewed now form the core of what constitutes my gaming kit. With that in mind I thought I’d share my approach and invite the readers to chip in their suggestions or ideas.

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Jun 30

Thoughts on playing Dawn of Worlds

I’ve spoken about Dawn of Worlds before, and I’ve finally managed to play a couple of games.  And I’ve had some thoughts on how to make it run a little smoother. Preparation First, as it’s a PDF, print out pages 7-10.  These are the pages that contain the Table Of Powers that tells you how …

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Jun 13

Noteboard Competition: A Winner Is You?

So the Noteboard competition has come to an end, and now it is time to announce the winners! The two winners were chosen at random using random.org. We had 14 entrants overall! (I had assumed that Shorty monster already had one and didn’t want another and I don’t get to keep a second one… much …

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Jun 12

[Actual Play] The Mountain Witch: Twin Fates Converging

Recently, over two weeks, I ran a mini-campaign of The Mountain Witch, a hybrid of a standard GM-ed role-playing game and a Fiasco-type story game. One of my players, Rob, has written up the sessions in a cool Actual Play report! Part One Part Two It all ended up fantastically, as Rob’s write-up shows, and …

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May 24

The Noteboard: Review and Competition!

The one thing that helps games that need miniatures is having some kind of lovely gridded map with some drawings on it to help you visualise where on earth you are standing, where the bad guy is standing and more importantly, can you charge him? Now there are some great accessories to help with this. …

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