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Aug 06

MAPS! 20,000+ of them!

RPGs are no strangers to the use of maps, many systems utilise them during combat while adventures often employ them to provide players with a feel for the regions they’re exploring and acting in. One of the downsides of maps is the amount of time that can be required for their construction, especially if you …

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Apr 26

Frankenstein’s Bodies Kickstarter is now LIVE!

It is here! The kickstarter is live! Like what you have seen and read so far? You can go back it RIGHT NOW over here! Some absolutely fantastic backer levels you can get yourself into, and you can get on filthy hands on top of this fabulous game as quick as you can! You might …

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May 24

Episode 98


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:19:58 — 73.2MB)With your hosts, Liz and Mike!  Mike wastes some time reviews some online casual games.  Liz sends her descendants down into a Dungeon to die!  And we spend some time in the inky blackness of space. Website: www.nearlyenoughdice.com iTunes! Leave us a review!  Rate us! …

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Apr 05

Kickstarter: Obsidian Portal Reforged

If you’ve engaged with online tabletop gaming at all in the last few years then you’ve probably heard of Obsidian Portal, a campaign management site for RPGs (Liz interviewed Micah, one of the co-founders, for Episode 9). Based upon a wiki format the site makes it easy to track adventures, characters, items and events in …

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Apr 03

Conpulsion 2013 Exclusive! New guests! The Creators of Engrenages!

Here at Nearly Enough Dice we have an exclusive release for you fine folks! The Creators of Engrenages shall be guests at Conpulsion this year!   Of course, you may be wondering, what on earth is Engrenages? Well we have a wonderful piece of blurb from the creators themselves! “Engrenages” is a student’s project initiated …

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