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Mar 06

Terraria Episode 050

I want to destroy the Destroyer. To destroy the Destroyer I need a better weapon. To get a better weapon I need Shards of Light. And to get a Shard of Light I need Light Mummies. And to get Light Mummies I need to get Pearlsand, and to get Pearlsand I need to make my …

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Mar 05

Terraria Episode 049

I’m feeling my oats, so I’m going to fight the Destroyer, as soon as it gets dark… Might as well do some fishing in the meantime. Find the playlist here!

Mar 04

Terraria Episode 048

More ore-gathering! It’s a good thing that Hell is so safe, so long as I can avoid accidentally triggering the Wall of Flesh. Obviously that’s not going to happen because I am so careful. Find the playlist here!

Mar 02

Terraria Episode 046

Ores! Lovely, lovely ores! I want their ore-y goodness! So I head down to Hell with some spelunker potions and do myself some mining! Find the playlist here!

Mar 01

Terraria Episode 045

Hard mode remains hard! I need to find myself some better ores, with which to make better equipment! And then the air gets cold around me… Find the playlist here!

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