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Jul 01

Playing with Sketchup and Caves of Chaos.

Caves Of Chaos aerial view.  Possibly taken by a passing harpy.  That had a camera.

As we all know, the D&D Next playtest takes us back to the Caves of Chaos, the introductory adventure since the Red Box D&D Basic set.  Somewhat inspired by Dungeons and Digressions‘ post on sketchupping the Caves (shut up it’s totally a word) I thought I’d have a go, too.

Jan 21

Dice Monkey gets its speculation on!

The lovely folks over at Dice Monkey have a rather awesome episode as the moment which gets into some serious speculation of D&D Next. But this episode is even BETTER than that as it has 6 hosts! The hosts are: Tim from Dice, Food, Lodging, Jenn of Jennisodes, Michael of Online Dungeon Master, Michael of The Id DM, Gary of GMSarli Games, …

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Jan 13

More pondering about D&D Next from Critical Hits!

If you have an excellent post to read about the upcoming D&D Next then I heartily recommend you read It Slices, It Dices, It Possibly Does The THAC0 from Critical Hits. A really good thought process about the new D&D from the mind of a programmer!  The system is rumored to be many things, two of the …

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Jan 12

An Open Letter to D&D Next’s Art Department

A rather clever individual has written an open letter to D&D Next’s art department. A rather good letter I think and one I agree with. I’m going to talk to another very important part of the Dungeons & Dragons experience. I’m going to talk about art.  …  But I am very, very, deeply concerned about …

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