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Jun 11

Hell4Leather Conpulsion Let’s Play


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:12:36 — 33.2MB)Recorded at the 2013 Conpulsion in Edinburgh. ¬†Lotsa background noise, so might not be the easiest listening experience. ¬†And there are sweary words. Find out what happens when Fred “The Scar” Smith is betrayed and murdered by his Cyberpunk street gang, and is given just …

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Jun 19

Review: Remember Me

Remember Me is the first release from French studio DONTNOD and is available now for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Setting The game focuses on Nilin, a memory hunter fighting against Memorize, a corporation whose digital memory implants have transformed the lives of everybody in Neo-Paris. As you might expect from such a setup the …

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Dec 21

Review: Shadowrun 2050

Shadowrun 2050 is tagged as an historical setting book for Shadowrun 4th edition, with the aim of allowing GM’s to run 4th edition games in the world originally presented by the 1st edition rules. The book is split into 8 main sections, the first 5 of which cover world background while the last three are …

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Nov 24

Review: Technoir

Mix one part cyberpunk with equal measures of hard boiled investigation and film noir before pouring into a glass made from a lightweight rule system. Serve in a smoke filled bar, under the shadow of a looming Corporate skyscraper and you’ve got yourself Technoir, an original RPG by Jeremy Keller and published by Cellar Games. …

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