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Feb 26

Review: Eldritch Horror

If telling globe trotting stories of noble investigators fighting horrible, squibbly creatures from beyond, then the latest board game from Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) might be right up your street. Eldritch Horror is a co-operative board game for between 1-8 players that will see you playing investigators meeting with ancient societies in Tokyo, witnessing strange …

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Jun 07

The Douchey DM: Playing The Powerless

A couple of linked articles from The Douchey DM (not my opinion of them, it’s what they’ve called themselves) on playing less-than-superhuman characters.  Instead of playing Conan hewing his way through entire armies, or a wizard blasting dragons with lightning, why would you want to play someone ordinary? In Playing the Powerless and Why I Play The Powerless, Stu and JimTo give their thoughts. …

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