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Jun 06

UK Games Expo 2014 – A second Timer’s Review!

As some of you may remember, I went along to the UK Games Expo last year and posted my thoughts being the first time there. I returned again this year, and figured now after having a bit of time to recuperate would be a good time to put what I thought of the entire thing, knowing …

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Feb 26

Review: Eldritch Horror

If telling globe trotting stories of noble investigators fighting horrible, squibbly creatures from beyond, then the latest board game from Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) might be right up your street. Eldritch Horror is a co-operative board game for between 1-8 players that will see you playing investigators meeting with ancient societies in Tokyo, witnessing strange …

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Feb 08

Game Review: Citadels!

Continuing on this week with our board game reviews, is Citadels! It is good to be King In citadels you are attempting to build yourself a nice big city, and if you manage this then in the power vacuum you find yourself in you will obviously be the most powerful person in all the land! Of …

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Mar 20

Carcassonne! On your iphone! The future is here!

For those who have played the ever so awesome Carcassonne game will know how much fun those little meeple and tiles can be. It was ported to Xbox Live Arcade a while ago with great success and now it is available on your iphone!   Your iphone! The future is here people! Now you can get …

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