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Aug 01

Review: Augustus

Rome had an Emperor, and his name was Augustus.  The game is apparently something to do with this: Rome’s brand new Emperor wants his representatives (the players) to do… something.  It involves mobilising Legions onto cards that represent objectives – either Senators of Rome, or colour-coded Provinces of the Empire.  ‘Mobilisation tokens’ of various rarities …

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Jul 11

Review: King of Tokyo

“RAWR! RAAAWR!” pew-pew-pew *booooom* “ARG! GRRRRR!” *smaaaash* “Oook-ook, aaa-aaa-aaaAAAA!!!”

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Jun 24

Review: Love Letter

There’s a train of thought that has 2013 becoming the year of the ‘microgame’.  What’s a microgame you ask?  Simply put, it’s a term that’s starting to gain traction and credence on boardgame podcasts and forums: it marks a game as being (in a number of ways) very minimalist, but quite deep.  To put it …

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