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Apr 28

The Final Fate of Athena I

So, we’ve pointed the right end towards Kerbin, and we’re on our way! So long as we don’t over-shoot, under-shoot, get lost, burn up in the atmosphere, tear the ship apart or smash into the ground at high speed, everything should be fine! I’m not sure why everyone seems so worried… Sad spoiler: None of …

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Apr 27

Pallas VI Science Retrieval and…

First, a little EVA action as Wehrming Kerman stretches his space-legs and goes for a little science-gathering jaunt. And then, it’s time to take a Big Decision. A decision that might have unfortunate consequences for the five crew of Athena I if I don’t get it right! Find the full playlist here!

Apr 26

Pallas VI Athena Rendezvous

Okay! I got that last Contract waypoint, and am now swimming in cash (phew!). I just need to get to Athena I to transfer science etc., etc. Except some of my previous design decisions turn out to cause problems… Find the full playlist here!

Apr 25

Pallas VI Re-Rescue

You know all my optimistic plans from last time? Squashed. Crushed like my dreams. But fear not! I can fix it! All I need to do is go fetch that booster I just chucked away… Find the full playlist here!

Apr 24

Pallas VI Post-rescue

Okay, I’ve got Pallas VI, now what am I going to *do* with it? Let’s see if I can get some Contract waypoints… Find the full playlist here!

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