Aug 11

Support Little Red Goblin Games!

LRGGBannerYou may have heard of Little Red Goblin Games from the reviews we have done on here! Now you have a wonderful opportunity to support them through Patreon!

You see they have a really clever idea. Patreon, a website for you to support your favourite creators – allows you to pay per “thing”. Whether that is per episode, per month or per book, you only pay when the either the month passes, or when the thing is created. Little red goblin games are giving you the chance to pay per 15+ page book they create. Which is a rather nifty idea!

They offer two different levels – at $5 per book, you get the digital PDF of the book. Pretty nifty right? But what if the book is less than fifteen pages? Well then you get it, for free as a patron. Nice! Of course they have set some minimum support levels for the product to be released.

Of course, want to show a bit more love? At $15 per book you get a few extra benefits! You get to see inside their design process, the Google Docs they use to create said pieces and really get to see how they make their products! On top of that, you get a sneak peek of what is in the pipeline too!

Of course, being Patreon you aren’t tied to some kind of subscription of anything horrible like that, so you can cancel at any time if you want. You also, if you don’t want to, have to even pay the full five dollars for each book. If you give less Little Red Goblin Games gives you access to all their backlog of artwork for your own personal use.

Why not go have a nosy over at their Patreon page and see if you want to back them too!

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