Apr 09

Summary of Conpulsion 2012!

This was our view for a bit of the event!

After the wonders of Conpulsion – we have a week-long coverage of the event, each day showcasting something awesome we saw there, as well as interviews we did and news that came out of the Con! Today – we are giving a quick view of our experience of the Convention and what WE thought of it!

So as some of you may remember, Nearly Enough Dice was at Conpulsion 2012 running around madly attempting to talk to everyone and anyone about the event and the very special guests that were going on there!

Of course, from our experiences, what was the best and worst parts of Conpulsion 2012?

To us, this year, Conpulsion was a learning experience. As a podcast this was the first big event we have ever covered. Boy, we learned! We learned a lot!

In terms of size – the convention felt huge and busy on Saturday. Something seemed to be happening in every single room. We were running between rooms with cameras, video cameras and tripods to try and grab as much content as we could. There was a true “Buzz” covering the event and a real energy. This was our first mistake. We had assumed as a rather clever team of TWO we would manage just fine to cover a large proportion of the event. Oh how foolish we were!!! So much excellent stuff happened at Conpulsion that we couldn’t get a camera on! Next year, we will have a bigger team!!

In terms of guests – I felt star-struck quite a lot of the time! With plenty of new guests as well as well as regular guests as well there was never any shortage of brilliant people to interview. Thank you to everyone who allowed us to put their face in front of our camera and whole-hearted apologises to everyone we didn’t reach. Next year…

next year…

In terms of events Conpulsion was certainly not lacking! From an entire room devoted to board games (that
seemed to spill out more often than not) to the underground room used for LARP events – if you could dream it you could probably do it! Want something involving steampunk? Check. Want something involving lego? Check! Want something involving stealing body parts? Check! Next year we will definitely make more time for gaming as well as getting you guys great content!

Audio was an interesting experience – if you go have a sample of any of the videos we recorded over the weekend this was our biggest challenge – we couldn’t find ourselves a real good quiet spot anywhere in the building, so microphones that stop picking up unneeded background sound is important! However, we only had one – cue backwards and forwards passing!

The food in the Teviot I can say, was rather good and rather cheap! The problem with most Cons that could can attend your biggest expenditure isn’t getting there or even buying the ticket. It ends up being food, drinks, snacks and all those little extra things! Our meals rarely came to more than £6 per person – bargain! In terms of budgeting, Conpulsion is great value and that isn’t just the food we are talking about either!

A new thing this year was the panels. I am unaware of Conpulsion having done anything similar to these before (then again, this is my first) so some real ground-breaking work was done this year in terms of events, things to do and things to see. I really hope this is a continuing trend for this convention. Just take a quick peek of the programme of this year!

If I were not running around with a camera keeping myself busy – would have I enjoyed it? YES! Will I be back? Well yes – the closing ceremony tells you that much! Would I go back if I were a regular player? Oh HELL yes!


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