Apr 15

Stuffer Shack Site of the Year 2013: We are on Thursday!

Our dream to be Site of the year!

Could it be us this year?

Hey! Remember that competition we took part in last year and were proven to be Cylons by being the final five but sadly did not make it all the way through to be the winners?

It is happening again! Your chance to vote for us in the Stuffer Shack Site of the Year will be on Thursday and we will be posting regular reminders for you fine folks throughout the week! Remember you can only vote for us on that day!

There are some absolutely amazing websites you can vote for, and you should go check out the list!

Of course, everybody on that list is absolutely amazing, and some real great blogs are featured! We will be getting a list up ASAP to highlight our favourites!

Of course, don’t forget you can vote on other days, and we will be reminding you each day who you can vote for!


So please remember to vote for us on THURSDAY  and thank to everybody who does!!


Talk to us!

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