Feb 07

StoryBundle looks to shake up the e-book world!

I think the blurb on the website really covers what these guys are about:


You know those indie video game bundles where you pay what you want for a batch of quality titles? We’re like that, but for ebooks. We give you a handful of ebooks (about five or so) for a low price that you choose, all DRM-free, delivered to your ereader.


So will this work? I really hope it does as it sounds like a marvellous way to discover new indie authors and you can pay what you think they are worth. If you really aren’t sure you can buy the first book at a dirt cheap price, discover you love it, then go ahead and buy the rest of the books with confidence.

There are questions of course. What formats will the books be available in? What about kindles and their rather locked down reading formats? How much will go to the writers? What genres will there be? Will they be themed? Hopefully all these questions and more will be answered over time!

I will be keeping my eyes peeled for when this launches! I suggest you do too!

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