Feb 15

Stephen Toulouse: A Mythending Adventure Ends in Fiasco for Munchausen

Wil Wheaton is on a boat, so he has invited some of his friends to keep his blog from falling silent while he sails the seven seas.  One of the guest posts is from Stephen Toulouse, and has some great advice for playing improvisational games such as Fiasco, Mythending or Baron Munchausen.  For example:

#1: Don’t feel like you have to play to win.

Yes, most of these games have a form of scoring. But their structure is far more oriented towards everyone enjoying the game itself. I’ve “lost” many a game of Fiasco but much like losing at Chess I had a great time playing and learned something. I find I can relax my mind in these games quite a bit by simply not caring if I win.

It’s a really a good set of tips, especially as Stephen has played with some pretty heavy hitters in improv and writing.  Go and enjoy!


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