Feb 02

Softrope: RPG Soundscape Mixer

We’ve spoken before about music and sound during gaming, and it appears that someone’s made a program that helps set up an atmospheric soundscape for  your game: Softrope

Softrope is an audio application for Dungeon Masters, a kind of RPG sound mixer.

Softrope brings customisable organic soundscapes like rainstorms, battles and creepy dungeons as well as spot effects such as growls, screams and explosions to your tabletop RPG. Music tracks can also be added to any scene.

Softrope allows you to build a collection of sound-based scenes. You build each scene with simple single sound-effects, layered up to create a more complex soundscape.

And because I’m sure you’re already asking:

Why the name Softrope?

I wanted a word that would be fairly unique yet still RPG/DnD related. Surely I’m not the only DM to have a this happen in a situation where rope was required.

Player: “I’ve got some soft rope, will that do.”

DM: “WTF? Soft rope?”

Player: “Here on my equipment I’ve written, ‘Rope (S0ft)’.”

DM: *Looks closely*.

DM: *Slaps player*.

At the end of the day it was a choice between Softrope or 50ft Boots.

 You can check it out, and try the beta, at the Softrope website.

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