Jul 08

So, what is happening here?

Hey folks, Liz here.

So, what has been going on with the podcast?Are we coming back? What about RPG posts? What about cool informational articles? Well, I am here to explain everything.

First of all, it is my fault. Mike has been trooping away getting videos up so we have content, but the long and short of it: I was burnt out. After the articles we have written in the past (and podcast topics we have talked about) you would think I would know better! I was cringing at the idea of opening up the editing software. I was hating the idea of having to think of topics about something I love. I haven’t even been reading any of my vast collection of RPG books or even looking at new ones. I was tired, and I just stopped. Mike, thankfully, has been understanding and been holding the fort, which I am eternally grateful.

Sadly I didn’t do the grown up thing and admit to it openly and plan a hiatus. Nor could we find another host to fill in the time where I was needing recharge time. I just practice the great art of the hermit and hid away.

However, we have further issues. We have never been able to get our recording software to work correctly again with Skype. We can use Audacity, but as you can imagine, it makes it much, much more complicated than our previous setup. Due to me curling up in a ball and giving up however, we haven’t had time to explore more options. Or if our software has patched through to the other side yet.

So, what is the plan? Firstly I am going to be taking some time to build up again. We are going to look at a redesign of this site and update the back end. It has been long overdue, and I will be doing some investigations into what is a better option, or if some housekeeping is all that is required.

Secondly I need to catch up with Mike, because I have been hiding in a hole for quite some time!

Thirdly, we are going to look into fixing our recording software, and figure out a better solution for that. Hopefully that will be our biggest stumbling block.

Then once that is in place? We are going to record a few podcasts in advance and have them ready in advance, so that there is a few episodes of “buffer” in future.

We aren’t out for the count just yet! But the blame for this extended “break” all lies on my shoulders. I apologise for the lack of communication. I also apologise for the lack of content you all have come to expect. I let you down, and hopefully over time we can all look back on this and laugh at my stupidity! For the time being, thank you for being patience, and hopefully soon we will be back on track.


  1. Breacher18

    I’ve been there myself it’s hard. Just take care of yourself, your health is paramount. 🙂

  2. Jaye Foster

    Good to hear NED is coming back in podcast form.

  3. Chris Bowler

    Been there too. It’s hard, sometimes it easier to just enjoy the hobby for the hobby and not having to think about the press side of it. Best wishes and I look forward to seeing you back at full strength soon.


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