Dec 27

Secret Santicore 2011!


Here it is… in all it’s warty, unwashed, typo-riddled glory: Secret Santicore 2011!

104 pages of generous creativity for your game, and it’s all totally free. Not a cent.

BUT… if you do end up using some of the material herein, take the one minute out of your day to shoot an email over to the guy who wrote the article and let him know how it played out. He’ll get a kick out of it, guaranteed.

That sounds like something fun for the princely sum of a 10 Meg free download!

Edited to add:  It appears WoTC have compiled all the “Legends and Lore” articles written by Mike Mearls and Monte Cook have written this year into a PDF, which you can find here.  If you’re into D&D, I bet that’s another seasonal gift you may like…


  1. Jez

    Thanks for supporting Secret Santicore!


    1. Mike

      Thanks for putting it out there!

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