Dec 31

RPG Musings: Why, and how it can improve your game

From RPG Musings, an interesting take on asking yourself questions about the world you’re building:

Asking why can bring depth and detail to your game that makes the campaign or character feel more real and subsequently keeps players from dropping their suspension of belief. It helps you think things through and avoid plot-holes or inconsistencies that take you or your players out of the moment. It can bring out potential complications that you hadn’t foreseen that could derail a session or even an entire campaign. In some ways, it’s like world building in that you’re fleshing out a basic framework. You’re creating details and using that knowledge to make your world, your characters, or your campaign that much believable and better.

I thought this was an interesting way of thinking about world building – each time you ask “why?”, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to add more depth and verisimilitude to your world.

Read the rest at the RPG Musings site.

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