Jan 11

RPG Countdown Best of $2011 Giveaway! Oh lovely!

RPG Countdown are doing a massive competition at the moment – and I would heartily recommend if you can the you enter!

The rules are pretty simple:

Just listen to the show.

Visit your local game store.

Buy one of those 100 best-selling products mentioned on the RPG Countdown Best of 2011.

Send us the receipt.

We’ll put all the receipts in a drawing, and send the winner a check for $2,011!

Nice, but it doesn’t just have to benefit you!

Every receipt submitted in conjunction with the RPG Countdown Best of $2011 Giveaway will also double as a ballot for your friendly local game store. After we draw the name of the winning consumer, we’ll also draw a second receipt and give the retailer listed on that receipt $2,011 in FREE advertising on some of the most popular RPG websites.

Support your local game store, support your gaming habit and try to win yourself serious lovely money!


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  1. Ed Healy

    Right now, we’re trying to make contact with as many retailers as possible. If you have one in your area, feel free to email retailers (at) gamerati.com so I can add them to the list?

  2. Liz

    Sure! I will get the stores in contact with you locally and they can sign up!

  3. Ed Healy

    Thanks, Liz!

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