May 22

Rolang’s Creeping Doom: Fifty Things Found in Magic/Alchemy Lab

Rolang’s Creeping Doom is replete with interesting articles, and you should check them out.  There seem to be many tables of interesting things to use as window dressing, and here is one I like: Fifty Things Found in Magic/Alchemy Lab.

Some hilights:

05-06 glass bottle of eyeballs that rotate to follow movement

11-12 driftwood shaped like one party member

91-92 non-magical mirror that ads slight expression of smugness to reflected image

Clearly there are many more items on the table, and many more tables (and other articles!) on the site, so I invite you to check it out.

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  1. Chris

    Hey, thanks for the plug! Glad you enjoy.

    Downloading your podcast as I type this.

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