Mar 16

Review: Warehouse and Logistics Simulator


If I would say that 2014 is the year of the simulators, you’d reckon I’m just being weird but it’s true. So far on Steam there has been more than 10 Simulator games that has been released in 2014 and those are the obvious ones such as a Helicopter Simulator, Truck Simulator and much more. I didn’t even count in the other games that can act like a simulator as well such as an Archery simulation game or the DLCs to even more and other simulators. So in less than 10 weeks, about 10 obvious simulators has been released on Steam itself, not counting other platforms or DLC’s. Would you say I’m crazy now if I say that 2014 truly is the year of the simulators? But I’m not here to talk about all of those simulator games, nope. I’m here because the good folks of app2fun has lend me a copy of their newest title Warehouse and Logistics Simulator which was released on steam recently.

Out of all of those simulators that keep popping up, why would I want to test out Warehouse and Logistics Simulator? That’s easy. I’m tired of seeing those titles where you know there’s at least a hundred different games from. I mean, how many titles can you come up with when you think of a Truck Driving Simulator? Exactly, too many. That’s why I wanted to test out a simulator that is at least somehow innovative. So in all seriousness, how many Warehouse simulators do you know? Not that many, if not none. And if that doesn’t do the trick for you, I’ve always wanted to drive a forklift since I can’t do it in real life.

Game play

warehouse01At the start you get to pick between three game modes: Standard Mode, Time Attack Mode and a Free Play Mode. I just started out with the Standard Mode as this seemed to be the actual “story”. In each stage there are several tasks to perform but there isn’t a lot of variation in these tasks you are supposed to complete. There are some minor changes such as bring clients their orders, or some clients have dropped off goods which you need to bring back to the warehouse but that’s it. It literally is all about moving one pallet from point A to point B.

As for the controls, these are not explained to you. However, for those who like to find hidden things in a game, you can simply smash all the button and be surprised. Or you can simply press the F1-button and then the controls pop up. At a first glance these controls look messy and there is absolutely no way of remapping any of these controls which I find incredibly sad as it would make the game a whole lot easier for everybody. Unfortunately Warehouse and Logistics Simulator doesn’t even support a controller so you’re stuck with the keyboard in an awkward way. On a side note, there is no unstuck button. You can quit or you can resume the game but there is no way to restart a specific task or a simple way to get yourself unstuck when your forklift somehow managed to get stuck inside a container or even a pillar. Yes it happens.

The mini-map is good and well placed. It’s simple but it works as it’warehousemap01s only supposed to show you where the goods are located and where you have to bring them to. However, since there was no tutorial at all, you kind of need to figure it out all by yourself that the red spots are the ones you need to pick up and the blue spots is where it needs to go. Or was it the other way around? Another plus for Warehouse and Logistics Simulator is that they have added original Jungheinrich forklifts and from what I could see, these seem to be the real deal. Moving around with these forklifts can be a task on its own but you do have 3 camera’s for you to use to make sure you’re not knocking things over. Downside is that these camera’s are fixed camera points and that doesn’t always work well as you’re suddenly looking on top of the container or the ceiling and not ‘inside’.

The concept is fine but it’s not as polished as I had hoped it to be. It’s not very realistic in terms of people. I mean, you’d think the people running around the warehouse would at least be careful when there’s some nutcase wrecking amok with a forklift but do you think they step aside? No.. They simply walk ‘through’ you. I have an evil soul and I was hoping to at least make some people do a back flip onto my machine by running into them. Heck, they don’t even shout at me for running into them, at least they could’ve said something along the lines of “Hey, watch it!” and make naughty gestures at me. On the other hand, the physics are quite realistic because more than once I’ve seen my pallet dangling dangerously, hoping that it won’t go beyond its balance point.

The biggest part of the game should be music. They can’t expect you to play a game where you mute it all down and have your own playlist playing in the background but to be honest I had to do just that. The music is annoying and on a continuous loop. One part of the music actually reminded me a whole ton of The Wolf Among Us but the other part reminded me of some weird house electro from galaxies ago. It’s safe to say that the music is undefined in my book.

warehouse02The graphics are something else. I don’t like to boo a game but the rendering is terrible in the game. Everything, even when set on the highest possible graphics, looks pixellated and it’s a shame really because the game has a weather cycle. How kick-ass is that? Exactly! I was thrilled to see the weather change but then I realized that there was no use of artificial light at all. This resulted into the warehouse being too well-lit or getting quite dark. All-in-all the game looks like it’s been rushed together and if they had put in more time and thought into the game, it would’ve been a great simulator.

Final judgement

If you’re looking into a realistic and accurate simulator, I wouldn’t go for Warehouse and Logistics Simulator but if you’re going for a funny game that can kill a little time, it’s certainly this one. The concept is there but the game is far from a polished simulator. It lacks the realism but as I mentioned before, there are some good things as well. If I had to give it a rating, I’d say it’s an average game. It’s not the best but it certainly not the worst of games either so a 50/100 would be fair in my eyes.

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