Jan 30

Review: Splice


Budget: 9.99 € on Steam
Developer: Cipher Prime
Available Systems: PC, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android
Tested System: PC (Steam)

splice1Splice is an exceptional puzzle game from the video development studio Cipher Prime, who were also behind Auditorium, Fractal and Pulse. Most of their games, if not all of them, have been featured in Humble Bundles which is also where I got my own copy from. I’m quite positive that most of you will be moaning now that I review yet *another* puzzle game but Splice is not your average puzzle game. Cipher Prime has taken the experimental route with Splice and came up with plenty of scientific and artistic ways to give you the headache you deserve.


If you are looking into puzzle games with a storyline, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you right here and now. Splice does not have one, it’s as simple as that.

Game play

splice2The tutorial of Splice is… different. In fact, it may as well be one of the most less-helpful tutorials I have ever gone through. You are given three pieces of information, through graphics, and that is that. Even the controls are kept simple which walks hand in hand with the overall design of the game. As far as the game play goes, you have to progress through the seventy-seven levels in Splice by shifting the group of cells you are given. If you think this is easy, you may want to rethink that as you are only given a limited amount of moves you are allowed to make. Exceed that number and you have to try it again. The further you advance in the game, the less information is given. Cells are given symbols which means that they can do ‘something’ but you won’t be able to find what that something is, which increases the difficulty of the game as you now need to figure out what these cells exactly do before you can start tickling your brain. There’s good news for achievement hunters, or for those who are smarter than me, as there are “Angelic” levels where you have to complete the level in as few moves as possible. This increases the difficulty of the game even more. The music in the game certainly fits the whole theme it has going but I got bored with it rather fast. If you are a person much like myself, you may as well find yourself scroll up and down for the sake of it. Surprisingly enough, I figured out that I can slow down or accelerate the music this way which is always a nice touch.

Final conclusion

Overall I find that Splice is a stunning game, in more ways than you can think of. The game will renew your experience in puzzles and I don’t mean that in a terrible way. Splice is graphically stunning, simple yet elegant with a plethora of mind-boggling puzzles that will keep you going for hours.

Scoring: ★★★★☆

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