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Review: Serena


Price: Free to Play
Developer: Senscape
Available Systems: PC
Tested System: PC (Steam)

serena2Serena is a free to play short point-and-click adventure brought to us thanks to the incredible collaboration of fans and designers of adventure games, including titles such as Asylum, Prominence and the St. Christopher School Lockdown. Both parties poured their passion into a game that can leave even the most heartless of us stunned in more ways than you can imagine.

Game Settings & Play

serena1The game is a short story about a man who sits in a remote cabin, waiting for his dearest wife Serena. His memory leaves him confused with gaping holes which you need to figure out by point-and-clicking on various items throughout the entire cabin. At first the game seems to tell you a story about a man who’s wife left him. Or did he leave her? Constantly doubting his memories with each piece of the puzzle you reveal, leaving him more vulnerable and confused. Slowly growing angry with the fact that he has no recollection of what has happened. The more you click, the more you will find out about their relationship.

serena3There are no true jump scares, even if the game reveals a grim and highly detailed horror story. That doesn’t take away the fact that the atmosphere, combined with your very own gruesome imagination at large, will keep you sitting on the edge of your chair as the story unravels. While the main character of the story will talk you through his memories, there are plenty of background noises to be bothered with such as the cracking of wood or that dusty old clock that suddenly stops working.

Final Conclusion

If you’ve never had a game that will leave you with a defeated feeling when the credits roll down your screen and you want to feel this at least once, Serena is the game for you. It’s short but its story is dark and deep and it will take your for a very emotional rollercoaster ride. Even if you are not a fan of point-and-click adventure games, I would still advise you to get through this game at least once as it will only take about an hour of your precious time. The atmosphere, the sadness in its voice and the twist in this depressing plot is enough to leave anyone with several knots in their stomach.

Scoring: 9/10

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