Feb 15

Review: REUS


Budget: 9.99 € / £6.99 on Steam
Developer: Abbey Games
Available Systems: PC
Tested System: PC (Steam)

reus1Abbey Games is an independent games studio, formed by four computer science students back in 2011. This is also the same year where the concept of REUS came to life. However, their first creation was not REUS but it was the prize-winning Tinytanic. Early 2013 REUS finally landed in our hands and it was the first debut game from Abbey Games that truly left the world in awe. A fun fact that not many know about is that REUS is Dutch for giant and is actually pronounced quite differently than how you would say it out loud.


Imagine yourself as a god, in control of four powerful creatures that can shape the planet to your will. No wait, you don’t have to imagine it anymore. You are a god or a goddess in REUS and you have four mighty giants at your disposal. Each giant has the ability to create nature in its finest: forests, swamps, deserts and oceans. You determine how to shape the perfect world for monads to life in, providing them with the necessary resources such as plants, animal life and minerals in order for them to survive. However, humans are unpredictable and while you do your best to give into their desires, greed may become a possible threat to your once idyllic planet. As the master of these four giants, it is up to you how you react on these threats by adding animal life with danger or minerals that provide awe and much more. You are the creator but you can also be the destructor.

Game play

Much like any game, the tutorial is essential if you’ve never played a god game in your life. You start by controlling one giant, then another one and so on. You will also be introduced to giving into the will of mankind that roams your planet and the threats that will arise if greed takes the upper hand.

reus2The rest of the game play is pretty much the same. You start with a planet which you need to shape by creating oceans, forests, swamps and deserts accompanied with mountains. Then you need to decide if you’d rather place plants or animal life, or even minerals for the nomads to settle down. As a god, you need to help them by providing the resources they need in order for them to build the desired projects such as a school, a granary and even a shrine or a temple. You will unlock even more projects, fauna and flora by helping the humans develop differently. Thanks to the complex system of upgrades and synergies, the game provides you with an endless amount of play time and play styles. There are 123 achievements to be unlocked and I would advise you not to focus on these as much since the randomization of the humans needs can slow you down. I tried to hunt these achievements down for three Era’s and then just started playing more strategically, suddenly unlocking five achievements unintended. However, don’t push these achievements to the side completely as you can only level up by completing an X-amount of achievements. By leveling up you will have access to even more projects, plants, animals and resources leaving you completely addicted to the game.

Final conclusion

You can say a lot of things about REUS, yet at the same time there isn’t much to say about the game since it completely blows you away. It’s logical and simple but it’s still capable of amazing you in every aspect. A must have for every casual gamer and even every hardcore gamer who wants to slow down every once in a while.

Scoring: 9/10


  1. TheJonas

    Fantastic review as always, Jess! :3

    1. Jessica Glonek
      Jessica Glonek

      Thank you, Jonas!

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