Aug 12

Review of Legendary levels 2 by Little Red Goblin Games

Legendary Levels 2 CoverWhile we quietly celebrate about our “almost on release day” review – you should be celebrating that Little Red Goblin Games has brought out Legendary levels 2 for Pathfinder!
In the same vein as their previous book, Legendary Levels (which we reviewed), this allows you to advance your character beyond 20th level all the way up to 30th, giving your character more growing room but also far more awesome abilities for those higher levels.
As always they hit the nail head on with their improvement to the classes. In this book they cover eleven character classes then include two extra prestige classes for you to nosy on through. They even include some extra for the Psychic class (which is from Tome of the Bizarre written by themselves). All of these cover the classes from the Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Combat and Ultimate Magic.
As always everything looks nice and balanced and very suitable to make your character really feel like they have gone above and beyond and on the verge of deity status.
They include brand new feats – which all look amazing (Icarus Adcendant is just cool for the Alchemist while Russian Roulette for the Gunslinger is just crazy!) but also really do add to the character. Too often you see supplements with meta feats that are powerful but have none of the feeling of the class. These are not only powerful but also really have the same feel as the classes they are assigned to.
The artwork is lovely and really adds to the overall feel of the book. I love the artwork for the antipaladin, although I do worry that twisting like that might result in a few trips to the chiropractor and the gunslinger just looks badass.
Of course, the base legendary classes are one thing. A look into the prestige classes for 20th level characters are really interesting. They both aren’t particularly restrictive and both add oodles of roleplay opportunities for your character. From the meld of engineering and magic that the Artificer gives to the Dragon Lord and this companion. I love the idea of having a druid character striving to bond with a dragon for mutual benefit of both.
For those who want a bit more, there is new feats you can also choose in the higher levels. Again after looking through them none of them are particularly overpowered (which is a good thing for both players and GMs) and all have a theme to support each of the character classes.
Finally, there is the Scion Feats. Been multi-classing up the levels and feeling a little bit left out? These feats are for you. These give you a more limited version of the feats available in the legendary classes and are usable as long as you have a least ten levels in that class. This way you can get the (limited) benefits of those legendary classes if you haven’t stuck to one particular class throughout the levels.
The book is nicely laid out and easy to read. While the first version we saw was only a preview copy and wasn’t complete I certainly think the final version is stunning. It gets a 4/5 from me, and I can’t wait until I get to give these features a go!
You can go grab your own copy right now over at DriveThruRPG for the tiny price of $8 at the moment! A brilliant price for a rather brilliant book!

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