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Review of Dungeon Mapp (iPad)

Dungeon Mapp (created by Ambitious software) is an application designed to allow you map out your dungeons on your iPad to let you make your dungeons quickly and easily – then be able to run your adventure with it!

It seems like the perfect app for people like me who’s drawing skills could be described as “questionable” at best. I just make a dungeon area, use portals if required to make it bigger and smaller and boom – instant dungeon. You can populate the rooms with features, traps, monsters, as well as lots of extra features that will make running a dungeon a lot easier.

I admit at first punt, I found Dungeon Mapp to be a little confusing. Sure – I just dragged that door over to that tile… but then I realised I put it in the wrong place… how do I remove it? No amount of finger swiping, pressing, double pressing seemed to solve this issue. However a quick trip to the manual helped immensely. I imagine as I get more familiar with the application then these sort of little details will be far easier and quicker to do. If you take time to learn this application then making maps on the fly will be a doddle. You can also download the manual into PDF format so you can keep that handy at all times if you also want to go down that route.

You can also add your party into the dungeon, making it easier to track locations and status of players, as well as add monsters into the room when they enter. Tracking hit points becomes easier, as well as tracking the status of monsters. You can have as much or as little detail to these as you want. I preferred putting in a little bit of detail (so I could use the initiative modifier as well as damage tracking) then letting the rest happen with paper, but you can run this separately if you want to.

There is also a dice roller built into the application, a mere three-finger press will bring up the dice roller for you and allow you to even leave your dice at home! Being a crazy software engineer I probably would never use this feature but for a quick on-the-fly game, you could almost run it entirely on this application. Your list of things to carry is now just an iPad, Pencil and paper (assuming you keep the rulebooks on the iPad too!). My bag feels lighter at the thought…

There is also the ability to share maps. This is an excellent feature as if you know you want to have the players (who have an ipad) have a copy of the map on the day to help speed up running the game, then you could easily go ahead and email it over. Or if you are co-GMing a game you can also share the maps. Brilliant. I am also told, with regards to transferring maps – that it is cross-platform. Make your map on Android tablet and it will travel across no problems to an iPad as well! Magic!

The dungeons do have a limited size, but as you can link dungeon parts together with the special portal tool, you can easily make dungeons as big as you require, so no fear for the massive dungeon crawls! You can also add descriptions that will be shown to the players – so if you want to add an extra few details then this is an excellent feature.

It has a few niggles. I would love to be able to access the manual in the app. I couldn’t see a built-in one anywhere. There could also be more features you could add, but as time goes on, I imagine all of these and more will be added to the application. There is always the challenge of adding too much can make it feel “cluttered” but certainly I could think of a couple of extra things I would like to add to my maps. I didn’t come across any bugs; which to me shows a nice stable and polished app. There might be a few hiding in the background that will be found with more continuous use, but from my first go of making a dungeon and playing about with it, I came across no problems.

There is plenty in this application to keep you going, and it is being updated really quite regularly. For the cost of just over $9 you are looking at a really nice application. There are others out there, but to me this seems to do all I really would require it to do.  It certainly gets a 4/5 from me! I suggest having a good look at it now! I can also say it coming to android as well, so no need to worry if you don’t have an iPad but have an android tablet – this app will work for you too!

We also have a competition running for this! We have three iPad versions as well as three Android versions to give away for free! All you need to do is follow both us on Twitter and Dexamalion (the creator of Dungeon Mapp!) then tweet one of the following tweets (depending if you want an iPad version, or android version):

“I would love an ipad copy of Dungeon Mapp – thanks @ned_podcast @Dexamalion! #MappComp”

“I would love an android copy of Dungeon Mapp – thanks @ned_podcast @Dexamalion! #MappComp”


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  1. Mike

    I am definitely looking forward to a lite version of Dungeon Mapp for android for my new tablet. I like the idea of the program and can’t wait to try it out or get the full version!

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