Feb 05

Review: Loadout


Price: Free to Play
Developer: Edge of Reality
Available Systems: PC
Tested System: PC (Steam)

Loudout is a new fast-paced multi-player shooter brought to us by the developers of Edge of Reality. The focus is completely set on the guns as you can craft your own equipment to rule over the world. There are billions of combinations to tinker with! So what did your inner scientist come up with?

Game Settings

loudout2When you first start-up the game, you will be explained to head over to Weaponcrafting and build your own death ray. There’s four options to choose from: Rifle, Launcher, Pulse and Beam. Once you’ve picked out what kind of weapon you’d go for, the customization starts. You can change literally anything on your gun! Stock, scope, barrel, trigger, magazine-size and even what kind of bullets you’d want to shoot with. The best part of it all is that you can test out your weapon before you throw yourself for the wolves. This way you’re not spending in-game money on equipment that doesn’t feels right to you.. If you think that this isn’t enough customization for you, there’s always the Tech Tree where you can upgrade and unlock items for any type of weaponry, including your equipment which houses several kinds of Grenades, Shields, Jump Boots, Disguises and Deployable turrets. Those billions of combinations seem to be the truth after all!

loudout3The developers wanted to make sure that the game is not a Pay to Win type of game and I think they’ve succeeded so far. You can buy Spacebux with real money, which you can then spend in the store but unlike most games, you can’t buy anything that would help you advance too much in the game except for XP boosts and Blute boosts which only gives you double XP and Blutes when you play. So you’d still need to play the game if you want to customize your weaponry. Other than that you can also spend your Spacebux on Loadouts, Gunslots and items and clothes to customize your characters. All-in-all, anything you can buy will not give you any advantage in the game.

Game Play

loudout4The game play of Loadout is quite similar to that of Unreal Tournament, Quake and even TF2. It’s all about the fast-paced action so you can die fast but the respawn timer is just as fast. Lock’n load! If you’re not used to such action, it may take some matches to get used to but it won’t prevent you from having any fun. As for the graphics, it’s amazing how much details they’ve put into such a cartoonish style but it works in this game. You may find yourself laughing a bit too hard with the way you die though. Don’t worry about those gaping holes in your back when you’ve been shot but ran away in time! Oh you shot my leg off? That’s alright, I’ll hop on one leg and bleed out just the same. Did that bazooka really just explode in my face? Thanks man, I’m now into bits and pieces with enough blood spattering around to paint the wall… Yup, the violence and gore is certainly there. The game modes come from your typical shooter. You’d be able to find Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and more.

Final Conclusion

Loadout is free and unless you worry about how your character looks like, it will remain completely free for you. Create. Customize. Kill! That’s truly what Loadout is all about. Enter a match and prepare to die a whole lot, looking like Swiss cheese while dying from laughter because of the dark cartoonish humor. A game that is highly recommended for those who find joy in fast-paced shooters. If you’re not one of them, it may be best if you stay the hell away from it but please, feel free to try!

Scoring: 8/10

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