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Review: LIMBO


Budget: 9.99 € for the Steam version, 4.49 € for the iTunes version
Developer: Playdead
Available Systems: Steam, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, iPhone and iPad
Tested System: PC (Steam)

LIMBO is an indie/adventure puzzle-platform video game, the first released title brought to us by the Danish developers Playdead. While the game itself was first released in July 2010 as an exclusive title on the Xbox Live Arcade, Playdead decided to re-release the game on other platforms after the Xbox exclusivity had ended. This meant that PS3 and PC players could get their hands on this amazing title after all. The developers never stopped there as they continued to release the game on other platforms such as OS X and Linux in 2012 and eventually even for the PS Vita and iOS in 2013. By continuously expanding the platforms this game can run on, the developers show us that they are proud of their first title and rightfully so.


limbo-scr01You wake up as a nameless boy, who I named George, in the middle of a dark and eerily forest. There is no explanation to how this boy got here, nor what his tasks are, so the start of the journey leaves you with an infinite amount of questions. If you don’t feel sorry for this young boy at first, you will certainly feel more pity towards this adolescent adventurer as the story advances when he comes across human characters who would rather have him dead then be helpful or died of unexplainable reasons. Other creatures are also lurking in the forest, such as giant spiders who enjoy spiking this poor boy with their legs. The end has us bringing the boy to a girl, presumably his missing sister when the game abruptly ends leaving us with yet more questions.


limbo-scr02Since LIMBO is a 2D platform video game, you can only steer the boy left or right, jump up, climb on ledges and up or down ladders and ropes. There is also an action-button where you can push or pull objects which are mostly part of a puzzle. Those who find more joy by playing with controllers are in luck since the Xbox Controller works perfectly. The graphics are dark and grayscale to provide more depth in the scenery. The sounds are kept at minimal, which leaves you with a setting that is both stunning and alarming. If your spider-senses aren’t tingling with this game, you sure are one hell of a cold-blooded player. At some point you may find yourself laughing hysterically, if you are evil-kindred that is, when you hear the splash-sounds the game creates when you’ve killed a creature or unkind humans. Since you will not always understand what you need to do to solve a puzzle, numerous amounts of deaths is inevitable. These horrifying deaths are accompanied with gruesome sounds and images of the boy being dismembered or beheaded. As if the creepiness of the settings wasn’t enough to cause panic in my mind.

Final conclusion

Overall this game has left me amazed with the fact that such a simple design and story can leave me with such an eerie feeling. It may be an older game but I would certainly recommend it for any player who enjoys puzzles and platform games.

Scoring: ★★★★★

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