Jul 17

Project Ninja Panda Taco! Go support it!

If you haven’t heard of the kickstarter by the lovely folks over at Jennisodes then you are really missing out. It is on the last few days of funding and is so close to the goal it would be heartbreaking to see it fail now! Rather than my attempts to explain this awesome idea doing it absolutely no justice – here is the blurb from the kickstarter!

Project Ninja Panda Taco is a game where you get to play a Mastermind trying to take over the world. Along the way, you’ll compete as a Nemesis against other Masterminds and as a Minion who loves to help, while receiving rewards for their hard work. This is the first game from Jennisodes Inc, and we are proud to present Project Ninja Panda Taco.

It looks amazing and a great convention game! Character creation done at the beginning of the easily and not take a session just sounds like a dream. The fact that you get to try and take over the world and will only take you a couple of hours to achieve just sounds brilliant. Have a look at the official website for more info and go fund it right now! We are just about to!

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