Oct 07

Player Characters, Debt Restructuring, and You.

I have found a really interesting article on the /project/multiplexer blog, called A Little Debt Financing Between Friends Goes A Long Way. Plus Pirates. The gist is this:

King Stephan II is at war with his neighbor.  He no longer remembers what the war was about or how it started.  It began in his father’s father’s time.  All King Stephen II knows is war is expensive and the Royal Treasure is heavily in debt to a number of incredibly dubious concerns.  He’s not worried about the debt, though.  King Stephen II is phenomenally concerned about a more pernicious virus working its way through his Kingdom: boredom.

This leads logically to the player characters outside the walls of a hostile pirate city with no siege equipment, with an army of mounted Orc just over there looking a tad menacing.  What Do You Do?

It’s a fascinating look at how you the wants and desires of the ruling classes descend upon the lowly adventurer in a soft and bad-smelling lump, how to make adventures out of anything, and also about learning a little history.

What more could you want?  Check it out!

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