Jan 16

Plan it like a teacher! GM tips from This is My Game

Over at This is My Game they have an excellent blog post about the similarities of being a GM and being a teacher:

When it comes to running games, I’ve found myself thinking about the process in terms of teaching. That’s no surprise, really, since I’m studying to be a teacher currently. And while some may shudder at the thought of the gaming table turning into a classroom, I think that there are valuable lessons (har) that can be learned from comparing the two.

It is rather interesting looking at the comparison to give you a real good idea of what to expect as a GM. Although I honestly believe that new GM shouldn’t look at this list and go “Oh no I don’t want to be a teacher !” and think that being a GM isn’t for them.

Them and Us
Sadly I am no teacher by trade,  so only speaking from my youthful experience! However it can develop into a “them and us” attitude quite quickly. Teachers and pupils. GM and Players. You don’t have to feel you have to, as a new GM, take on all of these roles by yourself and not expect any help from your players. After all, you should all be working together to make the game fun!

If you aren’t the most experienced with the ruleset on the table, then don’t worry! The most experienced play should be happy advising you and not being a ruleslawyer while he is at it. If however there are disputes, as a new GM, I would hope they could solve it properly as adults between them and if not, I would expect the rest of the group to be mitigating as well.

Roll with it!
It is an excellent blog post that as an experienced GM I can really, really relate to. Although I remember my fears as a new GM and believing “well I won’t be as good as these other guys, so I probably shouldn’t start” mentality I used to have, and heartily encourage other players to feel free to step up to the plate! With a good group behind you it will be a slightly bumpy road to start with but as with all things, time and experience will make you into a veteran in no time!

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