Jan 08

Pathfinder MMO Kickstarter Enters Home Stretch

Pathfinder OnlineThere is only $400,000 to go for the project to be funded and 6 days remaining, it could either be a hard slog to the end for Goblinworks or, like the recent Elite game funding boom, it could all work out swimmingly!

The reward tiers are getting pretty amazing if you sign up currently with each bracket they break through they add more interesting gifts into the reward tiers! If you give at least $35 pledge you will even get a downloadable copy of the game included, as well being a member of the Goblin squad.

The question remains now is if it will hit the funding target. I am personally hoping they will, and look forward to playing this game in the future!

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  1. Edward W.

    I’m interested to see the game, but I’m doubtful they’ll reach their project goal at this point. I think they should have gone with $500K as something achievable and then use the positive momentum to follow up with another one later.

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