Feb 13

Paizo – Part 6 of the Jade Regent Adventure Path has arrived!

An email landed in our inbox this week saying that the latest Jade Regent Adventure Path is now out!

Thousands of miles from where you started in the coastal town of Sandpoint, pursued every step of the way by assassins of every kind, has finally come down to this final showdown in the last part of the Jade Regent Adventure Path!

Arriving at the head of a rebel army, the PCs seek to wrest control of Minkai from the hands of the tyrannical Jade Regent in “The Empty Throne.” Hundreds of years of plotting and planning must be undone, and change does not come easy, even to the suppressed citizens of the capital city of Kasai. While the Jade Regent fortifies a stronghold for the final battle, the

PCs must dodge foes while trying to seek the aid of the deceased rulers of Minkai. The terrible corruption that the Jade Regent has wrought has left many of them restless and violent, and other malign rulers of the past arise to stop the party as well.

With the Regent’s forces occupied, the Jade Regent’s stronghold must be infiltrated, but now is the time for the party to do a little skullduggery of their own. The Jade Regent and his allies have had decades of working together, but the PCs must pry apart their alliance, using their secrets against them if they want to reclaim the throne and free Minkai from his despotic rule!


Of course, that isn’t all that is in the email. They are extending their discount for the holidays til the end of February!

just enter “holiday12” at checkout, and you’ll get 10% off your entire order! This is a one-time-only code that’s applied to your subtotal before shipping and taxes. While it doesn’t apply to subscriptions, backorders, preorders, or non-Paizo downloads, it does apply to over 20,000 other products in our store—stock up on dice, new miniatures, battlemats, or other gaming accessories!

So if you are planning now to get yourselves a couple Paizo’s products – it might be worthwhile to do that before the end of Feb! I do believe I will be taking advantage of this code to pick up a few PDFS…

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