Nov 08

Paizo launching Next Massive Open Playtest for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Well this is rather exciting! As we will all remember, back in 2008 when internet was generally slower and dice generally more random, the giant beta test for Pathfinder began! Well, Paizo announced yesterday that the next playtest for Mythic Adventures will start 14th November!

Starting on November 14, 2012, players can download a free PDF of the preliminary design document for Mythic Adventures, the major Pathfinder RPG rulebook scheduled for release in August 2013. Players are asked to test the new rules in play and post their comments, corrections, and suggestions to the special Mythic Adventures playtest forums on paizo.com. As with previous Paizo open playtests, the design team will gather player feedback and use it to improve the final published Mythic Adventures hardcover rulebook. The playtest continues into January 2013.

According to the numbers, over 55,000 gamers help test Pathfinder to make it the game it was today. I can only speculate the numbers that will be willing to test the new adventure from Paizo! The article on Paizo continues:

“Mythical abilities are what set characters like Hercules and King Arthur apart from their mortal brethren,” says Erik Mona, Publisher. “The Mythic Adventures open playtest invites fantasy roleplayers around the world to be among the first to play with these new rules, and to offer feedback that will shape the future of the world’s best-selling tabletop roleplaying game.”

Mythic Adventures will offer a new way to play the Pathfinder RPG using familiar rules but adding a new layer to the game. Mythic adventurers are elevated above their non-mythic counterparts, gaining powers and abilities beyond their reach that allow them to take on tougher foes and more daunting challenges. A mythic character takes on the agents of deities, rushes headlong into the abyss, and strives to build a legend, all while facing-off against a wide variety of foes from common monsters to other mythic characters and legendary creatures.

As someone who plays Pathfinder on a regular basis I am thrilled to read about this, and am really looking forward to grabbing the PDF on the 14th to have a real good nosy through it! Of course, it wouldn’t be enough to just spill the beans about this awesome that is coming soon, but they also released artwork! See them under the cut!

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  1. Jesse

    I cannot wait for this playtest and eventual product! I would love to see how they separate the “regular” people who can cast spells, walk through walls and bring people back from the dead from the “mythic” people who defeat gods and Asmodeus.

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