Feb 13

News from around the web! – Game Knight Reviews

The lovely folks over at GameKnightReviews.com have gathered up the news of the last week into one post! They list the new Blog Carnival that is running over on NeverMet Press, which is the topic of “things to love, things to hate” (and we will be taking part soon!). He also lists a large number of excellent websites you should go look through for some excellent articles.


Rather than us listing off all the lovely links they have made, go have a look and see what has been happening in the gaming world in the last week!



  1. Fitz

    Thanks for the link!! I’ll have to check out the Nearly Enough Dice podcast soon!! 🙂

    1. Liz

      Definitely! Especially since we fixed our mistake in the last episode 😉 thanks for the great posts!

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