Jan 10

New D&D on the way – with open playtest!

So it is official now folks. There is a new D&D version under development with Wizards of the Coast. What makes it surprisingly interesting is that it will have an open playtest!

What do we know about it so far? Not much sadly – thankfully plenty of excellent websites have already given it a go, and the reports so far is that the new D&D is fun to play.

I am rather excited by this new version of D&D. It feels that they are really going to make this a new edition of D&D that will be taking a lot more customer feedback and ideas into it. It also feels that they are going to make this a lot more DM-friendly.

Time will really tell as this goes on – but I am looking forward to see where they are in the future – don’t forget you can sign up for the open playtest – we have, and looking forward to telling you how we get on!

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