Aug 01

Neverwinter Event at Kingdom of Adventure!

The next Dungeons & Dragons day is starting to gear up over at Kingdom of Adventure as all the details explaining what the event will hold are being revealed! Straight from Kingdom of Adventure website:

Each player will be given an “event bag” which will have enough information to create a character. If you want to use any rules outside the pack bring your books or buy them on the day! The characters will be 1st Level and will be usable in the new season of D&D Encounters “Lost Crown Of Neverwinter”

In the pack players get a custom Neverwinter character sheet and a random theme card with one of 13 themes present in the Neverwinter Campaign Setting. They can create a character using rules from any officially published source including the new Neverwinter Campaign Setting. The Neverwinter set of D&D Fortune Cards are usable for the event as well.

Head over to their website to get more details!  The event starts 10am and runs until 6pm with multiple sessions to join in with throughout the 6th August 2011! Get your alarm clocks set and get ready for some mayhem!

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