Jul 24

Nearly Enough Dice Podcast 2: Show notes


Episode 2!  In which we become a real podcast!

We would first of all love to thank ALL of you for your fantastic feedback! It was amazing the amount we got back! Thanks for pointing out all our flaws and also what you really liked! We completely forgot to put it in the showWe ran out of time to mention anything! Sorry! Thanks for the reminder about the ENnies Craig (we have mentioned it in this show) and here are a few of our favourite choice comments! (First names or Last names only unless you ask otherwise!):

GM Rewards: Very interesting section but completely different from what I was expecting from the title on the show notes. I was expecting something closer to a conversation about “Should individual players be rewarded for special feats or extra effort?” and “If they should, what’s appropriate to make them feel they’ve earned it without making everyone else jealous/feeling there’s a favourite?” It’s something I want to try and do when I run games – rewarding those who’ve come up with backstories and plot hooks I can use for them but sometimes I want to do something a bit simpler and more obvious than the reward of extra story time or individual plot hooks (especially when a character might die before I have a chance to give them the story/plot reward) like a special item or bonus experience but it comes down a problem to where do you draw the line and how do you make it fair? — Steven

Narrative tips from one Listener!

Deliver NPC dialogue in first person context, not third. i.e. The bar is fairly quite, and the barman
comes over to you fairly quickly – Ye best be off, there are dark creatures lurking in town come
sundown. Instead of. The bar is fairly quite and the barman comes over to you fairly quickly. He
tells you should leave town as dark creatures lurk in town after sundown. — Kal

Finally some lovely comments as well!

Subscribed and listening too it now EXCELLENT audio, well done. You are both brilliant on the mics and interact with each other brilliantly. — Ray

We have also attached a file on here from Kal our listener who gives some excellent quick way of making up a weapon name and history!! Magic Item Narrative

Part 1: Introductions from Mike & Liz!

We mourn the late, lamented Max, a.k.a. Maxwell Charleston The Third.  We hardly knew ye. Also, Mike plugs Shadow Unit!  Because it is fab.

Shadow Unit eBook links:

Kindle version from Amazon UK:

Nook version from Barnes & Noble:


Part 3: Mike’s Bit!

Hell 4 Leather links:

Part 4: Liz’s Bit!

Liz has Opinions about the World of Warcraft TCG.  And gives a shout out to the Zapped Giant Podcast.

Part 5: Group topic

Character death – avoid or TPK?

Part 6: Looking for group!


Gaming groups:

Part Last: Contact us!

Our theme is “Slow Burn” by Kevin MacLeod

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